Onyx is a form of marble, comprised mostly of calcite and is, therefore, highly reactive to acid.  It comes in many  colors that are banded or layered and opaque or translucent.

Onyx is often used for it’s visual impact over other materials although it lacks the durability of  most other stones. It is often backlit for dramatic effect and can add a striking element to any décor.

  • Beneficial Features – Onyx is unique and beautiful. It can be backlit for added visual impact.
  • Onyx Care – Use only approved stone cleaners and soft cloths. Use extreme care to avoid scratches. LEARN MORE

Creative Stone offers a large assortment of natural stone slabs to suit specific tastes or design applications, ranging from consistent grain structures and colors to multicolored stones with veins or movement resulting from the uneven distribution of minerals. We also work with all the local distributors to make sure you find the material that is just right for your project.